Perfect Wednesday 

Guess where is this place? Venice ‘the city of lake’,floating city in the Italy ? Well that’s not it but this place is themed on the Venice city where you can get the taste of gondola ride and Italian song humming around while on the ride which we always see in the movies and wish one day we can experience this ride while enjoying the Italian music in foreign land.

This dream of yours can get fulfilled without spending a huge amount of fortune.For you can experience this beautiful feeling and place in your own city.   It is in the grand Venice mall in Greater noida. The place is absolutely beautiful .Feel like you are a character in fairytale as you stepped inside the mall because of its beautiful architectural plan with great ambience. We will see very pretty little cafe . Here is the one.

We were so absorbed by the unique and quite different surrounding . We were busy exploring the mall taking quite numbers of photos, we didn’t realize how fast the time flies. That was my perfect Wednesday with my girls.

This place is worth visiting. You will not regret anything though there is no huge crowd like other malls in NCR region but its beautiful on its own way and you can capture some killer snap.

So if you are looking for hangout place on your weekend ,try out this place. Don’t miss the “Gondola Ride” with some Italian song.



Just a thought before sleep

Lying on my back on the meadow

With soft grass brushing my skin,

Hovered over by the tall and black shadow,

The chilliness run down through my spine

 As the cold wind blow pass me.

The solitude and chilly cold night

Seems to smooth my mind and soul

Spreading peace to the land where my eyes 

could reach.

With no commotion around.

 Just a mere sound of typical night and 


Filling the true essence of nature

Spreading the aura to the objectified reality.


I surrender my whole self to the nature

For I wanted to drifted away .

We are….

We are the mother
Who love the world unconditionally.
We are the daughter
Pride of our nation.
We are the sister
Stand against evils with no fear.
We have a heart
To give so much of love.
We have strength
To bear so much of pain.
Because we are the women..
We are the creator,
We are the architect,
Who shape the society.
We illuminate the world with love
To make it better place to live in.
Because we are the women
Who run the world….

Happy international women day🙌🙌🙌🚺🚺🚺🚺🚺🚺

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That mark you left on me…

As you come before my eyes
Feel like midsummer dream
Which I wish will last forever
With most perfect ending.

For the first time in forever
You make me feel like winter ice.
Ghostly figure walk past me,
As you cover up the distance.
Your face so angelic,
Struck my mind,
No harder than thunderbolt.
Your voice so melodic,
Soothe my heart,
No better than mother’s lullaby.

You mesmerize me in every way,
Insanely destroying my mind.
Your existence is bliss
To my starry eyes.
There is no following of sanity mind.
Please don’t stand so close,
I am having trouble breathing.
Please don’t come so close,
My heartbeat increase.

Yesterday you were no one
Today you are someone
Whose side I never want to leave.
Whose existence is gift to me.

My mind and soul is in turmoil
Because of you
My mind and soul always want to
Follow you..

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Be yourself

Time spent waiting for something that may never happen can be mentally painful….
No matter what you do you are always villain in someone’s vision so never do anything to impress other because you have not take the in charge of whole worlds well being.You cannot change others perception but you can change yourself for good just like Ghandiji said,”be the change you want to see”.You don’t have to impress anyone if you are doing something,do it for yourself,build yourself strong enough mentally not physically of course so that some third party won’t ever jeopardize your life.Never afraid to take stand for yourself, if you don’t stand for yourself then who will?.People might address you as selfish bitch but what other think of you is non of your business, those who were critisizing you then might be following you now you never now because life goes on.
Be yourself,be happy for being who you are,life is too short to regret about anything and worry about the future which is total mystery to us.Don’t forget to treat yourself with something good every now and then.
You are the boss of your life and it depends how you want to rule it.

Haters going to hate,
Liars going to lie,
Potatoes going to potate,
I am gonna spit it off,
I am gonna shut them off
I am gonna rule it out..