Be yourself

Time spent waiting for something that may never happen can be mentally painful….
No matter what you do you are always villain in someone’s vision so never do anything to impress other because you have not take the in charge of whole worlds well being.You cannot change others perception but you can change yourself for good just like Ghandiji said,”be the change you want to see”.You don’t have to impress anyone if you are doing something,do it for yourself,build yourself strong enough mentally not physically of course so that some third party won’t ever jeopardize your life.Never afraid to take stand for yourself, if you don’t stand for yourself then who will?.People might address you as selfish bitch but what other think of you is non of your business, those who were critisizing you then might be following you now you never now because life goes on.
Be yourself,be happy for being who you are,life is too short to regret about anything and worry about the future which is total mystery to us.Don’t forget to treat yourself with something good every now and then.
You are the boss of your life and it depends how you want to rule it.

Haters going to hate,
Liars going to lie,
Potatoes going to potate,
I am gonna spit it off,
I am gonna shut them off
I am gonna rule it out..


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