That mark you left on me…

As you come before my eyes
Feel like midsummer dream
Which I wish will last forever
With most perfect ending.

For the first time in forever
You make me feel like winter ice.
Ghostly figure walk past me,
As you cover up the distance.
Your face so angelic,
Struck my mind,
No harder than thunderbolt.
Your voice so melodic,
Soothe my heart,
No better than mother’s lullaby.

You mesmerize me in every way,
Insanely destroying my mind.
Your existence is bliss
To my starry eyes.
There is no following of sanity mind.
Please don’t stand so close,
I am having trouble breathing.
Please don’t come so close,
My heartbeat increase.

Yesterday you were no one
Today you are someone
Whose side I never want to leave.
Whose existence is gift to me.

My mind and soul is in turmoil
Because of you
My mind and soul always want to
Follow you..

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